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THEALTER 1995 / July 25, Tuesday




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Akhe (Russia): Catalogue of Heros - -

25. Tuesday 21:00     Tantuszház/Tantus Cultural Centre


Maxim Issaev, Pavel Semtchenko and Vadim Vassilie founded the ACHE Theatre group in 1989. The theatre also deals with painting, photography and film. Their curiosity is that they are attracted to the absurd and suprematism. They use simple, pure forms so as to express the feeling of harmony, but, of course, from the props water and fire cannot be left out. Instead of making an interpretation of the quotations the audience is familiar with, they try to preserve the purity of eclecticism. The ACHE tries to show the basic state of affairs through the poor, everyday, objective world. They attempt to connect the traditionally opposed "Lower" and "Upper" world. But the group does not even forget about banalities. They are fond of beer.


Maxim Iszajev, Pavel Szemcsenko, Vadim Vassilie

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