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THEALTER 2001 / July 24, Tuesday




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Christine Quoiraud: Air - -

24. Tuesday 23:30     Old Synagogue


Christine Quoiraud met Min Tanaka in 1981. After trainings in Europe, she participated in his BWL workshop in Tokyo in 1985, then became a member of Mai Juku, with which they toured in several cities of Europe and Japan. She also started her own experiments in 1985, and won the critics’ prize
in the Yokohama International Festival in 1989. In 1990 she returned to France, and led BWL workshops and performed in several European cities. Since 1994, her main interest has been finding unusual locations for the performances of her company, where the perfomance transforms the venue into a theatre space.

Oguri és Christine Quoiraud will lead the BWL – Les Corps Paysage workshop in Palic (Yugoslavia) between 26 July and 5 August, together with Frank Van De Ven. Their performance in Szeged was organised in co-operation with Summer Movie Theatre Company. The participation of Oguri was made possible in part by a generous grant from Arts International (


Christine Quoiraud


Lőrinszky Attila

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