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THEALTER 2004 / July 17, Saturday




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Novi Sad Theatre (Serbia): Via Italia - -

17. Saturday 18:00     Old Synagogue


István Domonkos is a prominent figure of the ‘New Symposion’ generation’s start in the early 60s and, besides Ottó Tolnai, he is one of the greatest Hungarian poets in Voivodina. At the beginning of the 70s, his poetic work was interrupted and became fragmented, which coincides with his emigration to Sweden, where he lives today. His greatest poems as well as his epic works were written in the first 15 years of his artistic life.

The first performance of Via Italia, based on Domonkos’ novel and some poems, was in January 2004. It was staged jointly by the actors of the Theatre of Novi Sad and the third-year students of the Art Academy of Novi Sad. In earlier years, THEALTER International already invited director
Kinga Mezei, a multiple award-winner with her former pieces The Maids by Genet and Szelidítések (‘Tamings‘, inspired by János Sziveri’s poetry). Her previous work entitled Pác (based on Béla Hamvas’s novel Carnival) also won an award at the Kisvárda Festival in 2002. At the 54th Festival
of Voivodina’s Professional Theatres, Via Italia won the awards for best stage design, best performance, best stage composer and best actor.


Balázs Áron, Elor Emina, Ferenc Ágota, Huszta Dániel, Kovács Nemes Andor, Molnár Róbert, Nagypál Gábor, Németh Attila, Pongó Gábor, Puskás Zoltán, Varga Tamás


Mezei Szilárd

adapted by

Gyarmati Kata, Mezei Kinga

directed by

Mezei Kinga


Salamon József

stage design

Mezei Kinga


Janovics Erika

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