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THEALTER 2003 / July 24, Thursday




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'Cuhárés' Puppet Workshop: Varionette - -

24. Thursday 17:00     Dugonics Square


The title of our performance comes from the blend of the expressions ‘variety show’ and ‘marionette’. We have chosen a form of puppet-show to our play which has little tradition in Hungary because both multi-string and trick-marionettes are real challenges to every puppeteer, and real entertainment to both children and adults. We perform at festivals and fairs, entertain the young and the old with our seven unique puppets on our puppet-stage, which can be set up anywhere.

‘Ladies and Gentlemen! Come and see the everyday life of a variety show theatre. Now you can peep behind the scenes! The hoarse compère is playing the piano, the ballet-dancer, an old hag, is now a riding-master. A quick-change actor, a juggler, singers with mesmerizing voices, and everybody’s favourite: the nosy ostrich


Kiss Ágnes, Szkaliczki Adél

puppet design

Grosschmid Erik

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