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THEALTER 2003 / July 22, Tuesday




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Kampec Dolores: - - -

22. Tuesday 23:00     Jate Klub


The music of Kampec Dolores is an imaginative, unique synthesis of original melodies, surreal lyrics, and subtly broken rhythms. One can hear the infuence of (Hungarian and non-Hungarian) folk music, which is mixed with modern jazz, electronic samples and sometimes with contemporary improvisative elements.

Besides founders Csaba Hajnóczy (guitar, sampler) and Gabi Kenderesi (vocals, violin), the 2003 line-up features Árpád Vajdovich (bass), who has been playing with the band since 1999, and Tamás Ölveczky (drums). István Grencsó, the outstanding figure of new Hungarian jazz, was an occasional guest with Kampec since 1997, but became a full member in 2000.

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