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THEALTER 2003 / July 25, Friday




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Colibri Studio: Bernard-Marie Koltes: In the Solitude of Cotton Fields - -

25. Friday 22:00     Jate Klub Courtyard


South America? Morocco? The Middle East? Serbia or Teleki Square? Or perhaps the gate of afterlife?
Between two points: THE SPACE.

Two people. One of them wants something, the other is waiting to see what it is. Both are waiting, and longing for something, perhaps for one of them to say what he wants. Longing for the gesture of give-and-take. But what is the object of exchange?
Eventually a sentence is said, but is this the thing itself or the method?

What can be asked for or offered in no man’s land?
Can the guest accept openly, without suspicion, what the host offers?
Can the host understand the foreigner’s allusions?
What makes trust?
Which loneliness is stronger?

The Dealer and the Client: is it such a simple relation?

‘I address somebody and ask for something; that is the core of every human relationship.’

The performance is the Hungarian premiere of Koltès’ play. Many had started to stage it before, but never finished…
(His ‘Roberto Zucco’ was played in Katona József Theatre in Budapest.)


Gémes Antos, Pál András

directed by

Czeizel Gábor


Elek Ányos


Lakos Anna

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