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THEALTER 2003 / July 24, Thursday




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Legal Art Centre (Bulgaria): Genet: The Maids - -

24. Thursday 21:00     Old Hungária Hotel


’”The Maids” by Jean Genet, for me at this very moment, is the perfect modern text giving the chance to create a stage life that corresponds to the basic issues of human existence: crime and retribution, love and hate, freedom and servitude, the never-ending fight between self and the
society. This text enables us to explore excesses as a way of self-expression on stage. We play with the lost identity and the mystification of the missing ideal. Genders disappear, and we can see some clear images of humans, without any background, pure as poetry, existing on the edge of
the unreal.

This is the reason why I feel important to add some visualisation to the theatrical convention. With opportunities provided by low-tech equipment, we create and play with parallel stage realities. This approach, based on multimedia technology, is not sufficiently known and professionally explored in Bulgarian theatre. I hope this project can be an attempt that corresponds to new cross-disciplinary features of contemporary art.’

(Desislava Shpatova)

Legal Art Centre was founded in 1998 by a group of artists sharing the same view on art and cultural context in Sofia. Their main objective is the organisation of cultural events, the staging of theatrical productions, and co-operation with other independent companies. In the past years, they have staged several productions. Beside working on the basis of their own ideas, they adapted works by Pushkin and Dostoyevski, staged their versions of ’Dangerous Liaisons’ and Almodovar’s ’Women on the Edge of a Nervous Breakdown”.


Davail Obretonov, Sznezsina Petrova, Vaszil Rjahov

directed by

Desziszlava Spatova


Ivan Nikolov, Vladimir Ivanov

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