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THEALTER 2003 / July 23, Wednesday




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Soltis Lajos Alternative Theatre: István Örkény: The Tót family - -

23. Wednesday 19:00     Old Synagogue


Örkény’s grotesque world is an infinite source of humour. No matter what age you live in, the common man driven by the desire for power is always there. Read by whatever age group, Örkény’s works always carry a message, addressing the young and the old just the same – that is what is so great about them. Lajos Soltis’ eternal advice was to put these works on stage in a way that the thoughts composed yesterday should be valid today and could be played tomorrow as well. After the director’s sudden death, the company goes on playing this piece.


Herczeg Tamás, Ihász Csilla, Jeczó Bernadett, László Csaba, Ódon József

directed by

Pápai László, Soltis Lajos

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