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THEALTER 2003 / July 24, Thursday




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Theater Tetrapiloktomie (Germany): Woyceck Circus - -

24. Thursday 22:00     Cellar Theatre


Woyzeck is still a child, even now. He should be happy that he can be one, but he is not, not, not. He has no morality (but what could one expect from a foreigner?). Is he of sound mind at all? Is he before or after the crime?

‘Ladies and Gentlemen! Come and see this creature, the way God created him, nix, gar nix. Watch his art, he walks upright, wearing a coat and a pair of trousers, and has a sabre!’, echoes the barker, who exposes the strange creature, Woyzeck, the animal individual, publicly day after day.
Woyzeck is riding a horse, he is balancing, he is eating peas, and is skilled in many other tricks. Sometimes, however, he forgets where he is as well as about the fact that he is on stage, and starts mixing up the languages. Maybe his break-out attempt will be successful today!? Everything is a question of upbringing! One barker, one actor in three rings. Woyzeck circus, ‘world sensation’!

Theatre Tetrapiloktomie was established in Berlin in 1999. László Klapcsik, after having said goodbye to the retired railman, Elemér Kovács, and being extremely sad, met Wolf Dieckmann, an acknowledged exponent of pataphysics. Together they realized the necessity of founding a new
theatre. Fumbling along the boundary of fine art and theatre, they found a lot of whatnots chucked away (a saw, a long expired tin of sardines, a tea-kettle with a hole in it, and so on). These objects became decisive items in their later work. The present play started out as a five-minute long graduation piece, then it got bigger and bigger…


Elisabeth Zündel, Klapcsik László, Wolf Dieckmann

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