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THEALTER 2003 / July 26, Saturday




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Válaszút Dance Group: Brassó Railway station - -

26. Saturday 21:00     Central Railway Station


The railway station in Brassó (Romania) has always functioned, as railway stations generally do, as an enormous furnace. Both the garbage of the big city and the worn-down socialist culture, or rather the lack of it, were there. At the same time, it hosted the glittering cultural diversity of Transylvania, as well as Central European folk art. The multicultural Transylvania lived here with its beautiful memories, with its many nationalities waiting for their trains to come: Transylvanian Saxons, Jews, Armenians, Turks, Swabians, and, of course, Gypsies, always on the move as if they lived their happy and untamed life at the station. …

The station had its own life: the groups waiting there brought along marvellous fossils of times gone by. This is the fantastic richness only preserved in Transylvania today, as in Western-Europe the memories of the rural traditions can only be found in archives.

The piece entitled ’The Brassó Railway Station’ was first performed at the Autumn Festival in 2001. It was played at the Kelenföld railway station by an ‘ad hoc’ company including several folk dancers and folk bands, and both the audience and the critics instantly went mad for it. The performance was not only extremely popular among professional folk dancers but among theatre, film and music professionals, too. The performance is neither traditional theatre nor a folk production but rather a happening, an action where the audience is not an outsider but actively participates in whatever happens. It is unique and unrepeatable, its aim being to bring Transylvania closer to us – Transylvania, the slowly decaying multicultural miracle and heritage of human culture.


Benke Gráci, Makovinyi Tibor, Nagy Bercel, Rácz Attila, Rusorán Gabriella, Skaliczky Andrea, Szita Gábor

musical director

Szántó Zoltán

directed by

Diószegi László


Sára Ferenc

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