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THEALTER 2003 / July 26, Saturday




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Yvette Bozsik Company: Wedding - -

26. Saturday 23:30     Old Synagogue


Yvette Bozsik, the founder of the company, is probably one of the most extraordinary figures of contemporary ballet in Hungary today.

She began to make independent avantgarde pieces when she was a ballet student. She was the leading dancer of a classical ballet group, then in the late ‘80s founded her first company together with an artist colleague. They had several successful performances and travelled the world with them. Later she left the group so that she could choreograph performances in Szeged, then founded the Bozsik Yvette Company. She has become more and more successful both as a dancer and as a choreographer in the past ten years, and has won several national and international prizes.

The Wedding is a surrealistic family picture of a rural wedding. In the performance the elements of traditional folk dance – in a grotesque way – blend with the gestures of modern dance, in a similar way as in Félix Lajkó’s music, folk music, jazz and contemporary music do.


Gantner istván, Halázs Anna, Jantner Emese, Krausz Aliz, Lisztóczki Hajnalka, Tokai Tibor, Vati Tamás, Vislóczky Szabolcs, Zarnóczai Gizella


Lajkó Felix

stage design

Ravasz András


Bozsik Yvette


Bozóki Mara

puppet design

Haraszti Janka

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