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THEALTER 2003 / July 26, Saturday




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The Civilian Quarter Dance Company: Kaspar - -

26. Saturday 19:00     Old Synagogue


The meaning of secrets lies in continuous ambiguity, in double threefold meanings […] that become secrets depending on the mood of the audience.’

’Kaspar, Anikó Juhász’s latest work is characterized by an underground-like dramatic atmosphere, youngish dynamism and image. It restrains the liberated artistic energies and organizes them into a reserved composition. The language of the performance includes elements of break dance, Graham, contact techniques, accompanied by those of classical ballet. This diversity is obviously not solely blended by Anikó Juhász’s creation of a musical and visual world, homogeneous
and professional, rather I think this is also the merit of the committed and promising members of the young dancerchoreographer generation. Based on their similar artistic concepts and shared values, and with the help of a keen-eyed director of high standards, these artists are likely to create many more high quality performances.’

Viktória Kaposi, Ellenfény, 2002/7.

Ferenc Fehér, who plays Kaspar, won several national and international prizes last year, one of the most precious acknowledgements being what Miklós Jancsó, the famous Hungarian film director said,
’Simply brilliant.’


Bodnár Ági, Duda Éva, Fehér Ferenc, Fóti Zsofi



directed by

Juhász Anikó


Kocsis Zoltán

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