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THEALTER 2017 / July 27, Thursday




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Ellas Duo (Budapest): Chavela Vargas songs with Ágnes Csiki and Réka Tóth Bernát

27. Thursday 16:00     Szeged Prison


singer: Tóth Bernát Réka
guitar, ukulele: Csiki Ágnes

Is it alright for a woman to perform in men’s clothes with cigars and alcohol? Does she have to sing well at a concert? Can I have an affair with a person of the same sex? Is it my decision? Is it our decision? Do we have to ask these questions?
Ellas Duo performs songs of Chavela Vargas, an iconic figure of Mexican music, whose works are characterised by outspokenness and intensive feelings.

Supported by: AppArtMan LakáSzínház

Photo: Jozifek Zsófia

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