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THEALTER 2017 / July 22, Saturday




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Homo Ludens Project - MASZK Association (Szeged): KZ Oratory - based on János Pilinszky’s play

22. Saturday 17:00     ZUG


boy: Kállai Ákos
old lady: Frank Tímea
R.M: Szilágyi Szabolcs
chorus: Ferenczy Orsolya, Kléner Judit, Gyüdi Eszter, Beslin Anita, Kohlmann Márta, Roszík Melitta, Büte László, Gyüdi Sándor, Kós Péter, Kohlmann Ferenc, Kohlmann Tamás, Muntag Lőrinc

music composed by: Gyüdi Eszter
sound recording: Pétervári Lajos
set: Kovács A. Gyula
consultant: Balog József
directed by: Benkő Imola Orsolya

Old lady, boy, R.M. They live a concentration camp. In János Pilinszky’s poetic concentration camp. They are recalling memories. When we want to remember something, we look at pictures of that horror, or go to cinema or theatre to face the cries closed in the wagons. Have you imagined life in a concentration camp? What is the connection between today’s society and the loneliness torn up by barbed wire? How can we talk about this in the language of montage drama?
Founded in 2013, Homo Ludens Project’s creative community approach social problems playfully and give birth to new genres by mixing old ones and different art forms. They are regular performers at THEALTER.

Photos: Fekete Gergő

Supported by: EMMI

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