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THEALTER 2017 / July 22, Saturday




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k2 Theatre (Budapest): András Cserna-Szabó: Nothing

22. Saturday 19:00     Chamber Theatre


performed by: Boros Anna, Borsányi Dániel, Domokos Zsolt, Erdélyi Adrienn, Horváth Szabolcs, Mészáros Martin, Piti Emőke, Viktor Balázs
dramaturgy: Bereczki Csilla, Gábor Sára
costume: Kálmán Eszter
set: Fekete Anna
music: Rozs Tamás és a csapat
light: Kehi Richárd
production manager: Erdélyi Adrienn
directed by: Hegymegi Máté

The story of Sándor Rózsa, the most famous "betyár" (19th-century highwayman), is not exhibited as a dusty old object in András Cserna-Szabó’s 2015 novel, but as a flesh and blood Hungarian story of fate. It depicts the brutality and cruelty with which the betyárs served social justice, took revenge and maintained discipline in the grassland. Their master, Sándor Rózsa is intoxicated by his growing power. Director Máté Hegymegi’s stage version is a devilish “eastern” with cruel, but true words, and with a focus on the relationship of prose and movement.
k2 Theatre, founded in 2010 by young theatre makers, was the special guest of THEALTER in 2015.

Photos: Slezák Zsuzsi

Special thanks to Árpád Kákonyi.

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