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THEALTER 2017 / July 27, Thursday




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Nézőművészeti Ltd. (Budapest): Brothers’ Eve

27. Thursday 21:00     Old Synagogue


performed by: Katona László, Scherer Péter, Simkó Kati
costume: Pirityi Emese
dramaturgy: Gyulay Eszter
lyrics: Molnár Gusztáv
music: Katona László, Molnár Gusztáv
assistant: Hodászi Ádám
directed by: Scherer Péter

A story of two brothers, one of them dead and the other one trying to cope with it. Literature, history and mythology are full of well-known stories of brothers. Jacob and Esau, Cain and Abel, Romulus and Remus, and so on. The battle and love between brothers is an eternal and natural theme that everyone has experience with. How is it possible that two brothers grow up in the same family, in theory they get the same love and care, but somehow their fates develop very differently? Is it a question of genetics how successful one becomes or how much one fails? These questions inspired the creative team, and the final script is comprised of their own experience, the actors’ improvisations, discussions, relevant studies, books and films.

Photos: Torják Orsi

Supported by: EMMI, NKA

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