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THEALTER 2017 / July 27, Thursday




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University of Theatre and Film Arts, Year 4 (Budapest): Bernard Marie-Koltès: Roberto Zucco

27. Thursday 19:00     Chamber Theatre


cast:  Kovács Tamás, László Lili, Mészöly Anna, Ballér Bianka, Ténai Petra,  Lestyán Attila, Vizi Dávid, Martinkovics Máté, Vilmányi Benett, Szántó Balázs
translated by: Bognár Róbert
dramaturgy: Garai Judit
teaching assistant: Horkay Barnabás
assistant to the director: Szelinger Anna
director-teacher: Horváth Csaba
class teachers: Zsámbéki Gábor, Fullajtár Andrea

“At the age of 19, Roberto killed his father and mother without a reason. He was put into a psychiatric prison, but he was so normal that he was released. Then, at the age of 26, he lost control again and started to kill without any reason. When he was arrested, he was walking in the street. The policemen stepped up to him, but they did not really believe he was Roberto Zucco, as he was supposed to be hiding. They asked him, ‘Who are you?’ And he replied, ‘I am a murderer, my job is to kill people.’” (Bernard-Marie Koltès)
This true story and Zucco’s angelic face inspired Koltès to describe, in this lyrical play, the relationship between society and the individual, the expectations, the unasked questions and the untold answers.

Photos: Szkárossy Zsuzsa

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