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THEALTER 2017 / July 27, Thursday




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Közmunka/Public Work Theatre (Budapest): Hush, Birds! Hush! - a reading from Thomas Bernhard’s texts, accompanied by music

27. Thursday 17:00    


performed by: Szabó Vera, Rácz Attila, Barna Gábor Botond, Szőke Szabolcs

Founded in 2014, Public Work Theatre produces performances critical of the regime and performs in independent arts centres and squat theatres. The members create collectively and mainly use texts by Daniil Kharms and Thomas Bernhard. Hush, Birds! Hush! concentrates on Bernhard’s themes of funerals, performing art and the power of the state. The reading is followed by a film screening on Thomas Bernhard’s life and his deeply critical ideas.

Photos: Szőke Dániel Bogdán

Közmunka Színház/Public Work Theatre on Facebook

Supported by: Patyolat PRÓBA//üzem

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