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THEALTER 2017 / July 22, Saturday




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SzínMűHely Productions (Budapest) – MASZK Association (Szeged): Oxygen by Ivan Vyrypaev

22. Saturday 21:30     Old Synagogue


cast: boy: Márkus Sándor, girl: Eke Angéla
music: DJ Sanyi és Adam Salman
translated by: Kis Orsolya
adaptation: Horváth „Színész Bob” Kristóf
visual design: Márkus Sándor
styling: Eke Angéla
costume: ZSIGMOND DORA menswear
production manager: Szilágyi Mária
assistant to the director: Bálint Eszter
directed by: Szilágyi Bálint

The production brings to life a mind-boggling piece with extraordinary spectacle that mixes theatre, puppetry and slam poetry. Ivan Vyrypaev’s play becomes a concert theatre combining free verse and music. It questions the meaning of the Biblical commandments, the possibility of their realisation in our times, in our societies. A man and a woman perform ten ‘tracks’, each of which raises moral dilemmas, following the plotline of a tragic love story, permeated with the nihilism and disillusionment of the post-regime change Russia.

Photos: Noval Goya

Supported byk: NKA, MASZK Egyesület (Szeged), Kortárs Drámafesztivál Budapest 2016, Zsigmond Dóra menswear, DORSKI Studio, PEBACO Kft., MK Tanácsadó Kft.

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