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THEALTER 2017 / July 22, Saturday




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Artus Studio (Budapest) - MASZK Association (Szeged): Straight Labyrinth - a journey from the fourth floor - premiere

22. Saturday 14:00     Csillag Pub


Created and performed by: Debreczeni Márton, Makkai Dániel, Lukács Mihály, Lukács Máté, Baló Dániel, Dombi Kati, Ivanyos Ambrus
Collaborators: Homo Ludens Project (Szeged)
Project assistant: Markovics Zita
Directed by: Debreczeni Márton

There is a woman who tells her story. She used to like dresses and hate nature. The touch of imitation leather seats reminded her of long journeys. She fell out of the fourth floor and was bitten by a snake. She can return from clinical death if she wants to. In the performance, her stories take place in a shopping centre, a flat and an empty hospital. We invite the audience for a journey where we use urban spaces as the target of our observations, as a set, a venue of actions and where our everyday reality intertwines with fiction.
The audience leaves for the one-hour journey in small groups every 10 minutes between 14.00 and 16.30. Previous registration and an appointment is needed for attendance, which can be done at the time of buying the ticket.

Special thanks to: Gáspár Anna, Somló Dávid, Hodován Margit, and the volunteers

Supported by: NKA, EMMI, MASZK Egyesület (Szeged), Huawei

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